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Crack TouchJams 2 7 (April-2022)




Precautions : - All files are in zip format - just extract and play your songs. - To change your song to another language, you must unlock the song by going into your iPod and changing the language of the song. For further information, please go to: Notes: There was an issue with the music player of the app. I guess that it only works with iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3) and Iphone 5 (iOS 5). I don't think that it works with iPod touch. - This app is perfect if you want to change the song that you are listening to and you don't want to change your iPod library. For further information, please go to: - For any problems you may have (songs not playing, not changing songs, can't change language...) go to the forums: - You can change the volume of the track on the same screen where you change the song. - You can change the song as many times as you want by pressing the back button. - The player is equipped with a timer. You can make the song last for a specific time. - This version is compatible with iPod touch (iTunes 10.4.1). - It includes all the new features that come with the newest version of the player. IMPORTANT NOTICE: - Make sure that you have an updated version of iTunes. - To update your version of iTunes, go to "Help -> Check for Updates" - If you have a touch device (iPhone/iPad) you must update your OS. - You must update the firmware (iOS 4.3) of your iPod touch. - If you have a PC, Mac or Linux computer, the iTunes will automatically check and update the firmware (iOS 4.3). - For iPod classic or iPod shuffle, you can download the firmware manually by going to and clicking on "software update". - Download and install the update. - Connect your iPod to iTunes




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Crack TouchJams 2 7 (April-2022)

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